I am an experienced design and branding specialist based in Sydney. Now working for own my company, Brand Together, an independent creative consultancy.

With over 20 years working with Australian and UK brands, I work together with organisations to help create and shape how they are seen by their audience. This utilises all the skills I have gained during my years in the industry: strategic thinking, research and understanding and creative direction. Essentially, it is creative problem solving – achieved through listening and getting to know my client. Once the project is defined, we work together to create and deliver brands that help your organisation grow and excel.

I started Brand Together, to reflect the changing business need for a more collaborative and constructive working relationships between organisations and agencies.

The result, a compact agency with the ability and flexibility to work with your organisation and create smart and creative solutions tailored specifically to your goals and needs.

My help can come in many forms: I can guide you through a strategic review and design refresh of your brand; in an organisation without a marketing department I can come on board to help you create brand assets then help recruit and mentor a brand department; for those looking for advice on launching your brand internally I can work with you to bring your team onboard and for those looking for advice I can be a sounding boarding and advise you on the directions you could take your organisation.

For those times when the project calls for a broader team I turn to experts, from digital and motion geniuses to copy writing and photographic masters, to come on board, share their knowledge and help bring the project to life. I curate the right team and skillsets for your organisation (and budget).

I have a clear creative process but there are no templated solutions when we work together.

My business is a personal, expert, partnership as we brand your organisation, together.

Please feel free to get in touch or have a chat with any of my past and present clients.